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 Company Introduction

    Nexpectrum Co.,Ltd. was found in 2004 in San Francisco, CA with business of researching, manufacturing Nd:YVO4 laser system.

    With years of development, Nexpectrum is now a supplier of many companies from worldwide.


    Nexpectrum‘s technology can be applied to many industries, such as automobile, hardware, electronics, medical, plastic,cosmetics, etc.

    Advance of our technology is that we use Single Emitter to pump Nd:YVO4 Laser crystal to make IR, Green, UV Laser wavelength.

    Also we provide 3D laser system and 6-axis automation control to support more solutions for customers.

  Brief History
   * Year 2004
    - Nexpectrum Co.,Ltd established in San Francisco, CA
   * Year 2005
    - Nexpectrum Co.,Ltd opens office in Gunpo city, South Korea
   * Year 2006
    - Air-cooled Nd:YVO4 10W Laser source developed
    - Galvano laser scan head design skill acquired
    - Nd:YVO4 laser applied Scanhead developed
   * Year 2007
    - I-NXP-10W Laser Marker released ; Rotary Marking & Fly Marking technology acquired
    - J-type CO2 Laser Cutting System released(air-cooled) ; 3D Micro Laser machining technology acquired
   * Year 2008
    - Developed conveyor system applied fly marking technology; II-NXP-10W Laser Marker released
    - Auto x-y-z axis table & Rotary tool released ; Marking on the fly laser system released
   * Year 2009
    - Medical Scan head design skill acquired ; Become supplier of ND:YAG Medical Laser system
   * Year 2010
    - NXP-Fiber-20S laser marking system released
    - III-NXP-15W Nd:YVO4 laser marking system released
    - NXP-Fiber-40SF laser marking system released
   * Year 2011
    - NXP-10W-III Single DPSS Nd:YVO4 laser marking system released
   * Year 2012
    - NXP-15W-III Single DPSS Nd:YVO4 laser marking system released
   * Year 2013
    - NXP-20W-III Single DPSS Nd:YVO4 laser marking system released
   * Year 2014
    - Models of NXP-IV Laser system released
    - Nexpectrum Co.,LTD moves head-quarter to Gunpo IT Valley Building
   * Year 2015
    - Models of NXP-V Laser system released
    - 3D Laser system developed(6-axis)
   * Year 2016
    - Green Laser has been developed for glass cutting application
    - New type of CO2 Laser developed

   * Year 2017

    - UV Laser developed

    - VII Laser models(I-Series, G-Series, U-Series, C-Series) released

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