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     Company News

* 2017, Aug.8 - Nexpectrum Laser
  release new models of laser system.
  NXP-VII series support demands of
  high precision laser technology for
  complicated industrial needs.

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       Nexpectrum Laser Co.,Ltd.
       Tel: +82-31-427-6212
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       E-mail: laser@nexpectrum.net

    Company Introduction

  Thank you for visiting Nexpectrum Laser

  Nexpectrum Laser Co.,Ltd. found in 2004, San Francisco, CA, a
s manufacturer of laser system.

  Our laser technology applied in many industry fields, such as electronic&mobiles, mould industry,

  semiconductor, medical,
automobile, jewelry industry and etc.

  We supports customer's demand for high precision laser technology.

    Products Features
  •  * DEDPSS(Diode End Direct Pumping Solid State)Laser         * Precise Working Performance(15um<Beam Spot) 
  •  * Portable and Compact Design                                          * Competitive Price and Lifetime(Replaceable LD/100,000h)
  •  * Auto Air Cooling System(High Temperature Stability)    









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