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  Nexpectrum’s technology has been applied for a wide range of industries, such as Automotive, Semiconductor, Medical, Commercial, Electrical, Cosmetics, Tools


  and Accessories, etc. Especially our NXP-VII Laser system is an excellent choice for precision marking industry. During years of experience, we provide


  best solutions for our customers for different industries. Contact us for special solution for your laser applications.



Automobile Electronics
 NXP-VII Laser system is widely
 applied in autoparts, such as bearing,
 wheel hub, Marking 2D Barcode, rubber
 hoses, gears, etc.

NXP-VII Laser system is an
excellent choice for marking on electronic  
components, like marking Serial Numbers,
QR Codes with high contrast and high speed.
Cosmetics Hardware/Metal
 NXP-VII Laser system can make
 special surface treatment on cosmetics
NXP-VII Laser system can mark
metal material, especially for some
products which requires high precision.  
It can mark  on the round and
umbrella-type dials, etc.
Medical Industry Accessories/Jewelry
 NXP-VII Laser system can be
 used for medical industry for features of
 non contact marking process, no
 pollution, and high precision.

NXP-VII Laser system widely used
in  accessories, jewelry of different materials,
such as gold, silver, bronze, special metals.
features as  rings, necklace, earrings, etc.

Solar Panel
 NXP-VII Laser system can be used for commercial
 purposes due to high quality marking,
 engraving, cutting for many materials for
 advertise companies, society, or group.

NXP-VII Laser system is widely applied to solar industry
to solarcell scribing,annealing,and drilling hole due to
and high-speed non-contact marking process.

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